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Time2Clean is an innovation of Soligena Group that with its experience and knowledge has created an innovative platform for Facility Management Companies and Public Administration.

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New generation productivity book

Time2Clean Planner

Time2clean supports Companies and Public Administration for productivity calculation.

Time2clean is the most advanced IT platform that provides a new method for calculating productivity, operating procedures, training and consulting for the world of Facility Management.

The calculation tool is the innovative aspect of the Time2Clean project; extremely flexible, customizable and modular, depending on the work procedures of the complexity of the spaces you will get precise and specific productivity for each area.

To date, the calculation of productivity has been based on average values, Time2Clean wants to be a reference point in the world of Facility Management for business and public administration designers who are looking for an innovative service, which always provides information up to date with market developments.



Time2Clean is not the classic productivity book but with its Planner it allows you to customize spaces, procedures to calculate the exact number of hours to be spent on the contract.


Time2Clean allows you to import files for large projects without losing the benefits of flexibility and space customization.


The planner allows depending on the procedure, the intended use of the room and the elements to be sanitized in it to calculate the exact yield, the algorithm takes into account all variables that are not taken into account with a standard “productivity book”.


Calculate productivity according to spaces by working on an ever-changing database. Each area works on specific logics and procedures.


Ability to import a DB with the surfaces to analyze or create spaces to calculate productivity.


The planner will also provide solutions for the world transport trains buses etc., from today calculating the yield for cleaning a train a bus will be possible.


By entering cleaning methodology and the type of material the planner will provide the productivity and consequently the hours necessary for cleaning.

Areas of Application

Time2Clean, Customizable planner for each cleaning sector

Sanitary facility
  • Hospitals,
  • Clinics, ecc..

Public Structure
  • Offices,
  • Schools,
  • Universities, ecc..

  • Logistics,
  • Airports,
  • Shopping centers, ecc..

  • Trains,
  • Ferries,
  • Airplanes,
  • Autobus, ecc..



Management of spaces and elements

Extreme customization, the elements and cleaning methodology can be defined for each individual room

Calculation of productivity

The Planner provides productivity based on user input data is easy and intuitive. The user will obtain from the data entered the yields that will vary according to the intended use, methodology and complexity of the spaces and elements inserted.

Accurate Manpower calculation

Accurate Labor cost calculation of the hours of work needed for the entire project or individual room

Chemical consumption analysis

Each project allows you to calculate the chemical requirement for each scope of application

Database Methodologies

Extensive database of methodologies and procedures for all applications (possibility of customizing methodologies on request)


Useful technical material for the training of construction site personnel represents the ABC of cleaning